Applications Invited for a Junior Research Fellow and a Postdoctoral Scientist Position

Delighted to invite applications for a Junior Research Fellow (JRF) and a Postdoctoral Scientist position in an India Alliance-DBT/Wellcome Trust funded project at Ashoka University.

The JRF and the postdoc hired for the project will participate in various experiments, combining experimental evolution of tractable insect models (e.g. fruit flies and beetles) with pathogenic infections to identify the genetic basis of rapidly-evolved population divergence in immunity, and associated physiological costs such as DNA damage and immunopathology. There will be ample opportunities to learn and use various genetic methods such as CRISPR/cas9 gene editing and RNA interference to test the phenotypic effect of candidate genes on the evolved host immune phenotypes and resistance mechanisms.

Deadline: Dec 6, 2020

For detail information please visit the following links

PostDoc Application (

JRF Application (

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