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Graduate Research Excellent Grant – RC Lewontin Early Award goes to Srijan as one of the recipients 🙂 😀

We are super happy to share that Srijan Seal from the lab has been awarded Graduate Research Excellent Grant – RC Lewontin Early Award by ” Society for the Study of Evolution“. He is possibly the first India-based PhD student to get this award. He will also receive a generous fund from the Society to support his preliminary studies tracking “Evolutionary dynamics of diverse immune responses against co-infecting pathogens“. Do write to Srijan to know more about his cool experiments!!!! 🙂


Our latest manuscript in bioRxiv #Interesting implications for the evolution of competitive interactions, chemical ecology and spread of disease!

How might carcass scavenging relax the fitness effects of female interference competition #chemical-warfare in flour beetles? See our latest manuscript to read the full story that also talks about chemical ecology and infection risk associated with scavenging and its fitness effects. Overall, it was super fun to write a manuscript quite different our usual stories #ecology #notevoimmunology. Great work by Basabi Bagchi, Srijan Seal, Manasven Raina, Dipendra Nath Basu