IMROZE (Principle Investigator)

Hi! I am Imroze, an evolutionary biologist, DBT/Wellcome Trust Intermediate Fellow and Assistant Professor of Biology at Ashoka University. My major academic interests reside in understanding how organisms adaptively evolve against/with infection and disease, using experimental evolution, genetics and genomics as primary tools. I am also interested in studying the parallelism between evolutionary concepts and the cultural history of the world and integrating the two within the framework of liberal education.

I did my doctoral studies in Evolutionary Biology at IISER Kolkata. Before joining Ashoka, I was a postdoctoral fellow at the National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS), Bengaluru and a visiting researcher at the Free University of Berlin.

LAB MEMBERS (Click on the images to know more about them)


Arun Prakash (Project assistant 2017-2018)

Pavan Thunga (PhD student 2018-2019)

Naseeb Gill (Research Intern 2019)

Shashwat Goyal (UG summer Intern 2018-2021 and ASP Batch 2020-2021)

Manasven Raina (UG summer Intern 2018-2021 and ASP Batch 2020-2021)

Bhavya Duggar (UG summer Intern 2018)

Yajushi Khurana (UG summer Intern 2018)

Joy Bose (PostDoc; 2021-2022)

Malavika Menon (Project Assistant; 2020-2021)