Multiple Awards/ fellowships by the lab-members & students within the first quarter of 2023

We could start 2023 on a very high note, with multiple fellowships and grants being awarded to our lab-members.

Dipendra Nath Basu, a postdoc in the lab, won the highly prestigious Simon-Ashoka Fellowship to study the micro- and macro-evolution of antimicrobial peptides and explore their potential as a solution to AMR using quantitative biology methods

Biswajit Shit, a PhD student in the lab, received the INSPIRE PhD fellowship, Govt of India. He will be looking at the crossroads of climate change, pathogens and disease

Finally, two of my youngest lab members, Aryan Ramachandran & Tanmay Singh, Ashoka Undergraduate Interns, got into the highly prestigious Erasmus Mundus MS Program In Evolutionary Biology. They will study and do scholarly research in some of the best evolutionary biology departments across Europe


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