Open Position for PhD in Evolutionary Biology of Infection & Disease (Application Deadline: November 1st, 2021)

Our lab will have an open position for prospective PhD students interested in exploring the emerging & unique interface of Evolution, Disease and Immunology. Selected candidates will have the opportunity to work in various ongoing projects to understand the ecological patterns and processes of infection and disease in a population; how optimal immune strategies against lethal infections emerge by striking an intricate balance not only between various components of immune system (e.g. immune effectors & regulators), but also the host-associated microbiota and the very ecosystem in which the organisms thrive. All the projects might require a multidisciplinary approach of combining various methods such as experimental evolution (tracking evolution in action), life-history analyses, genetical (e.g. RNAi, qPCR, CRISPR) & physiological manipulations, & genomics (e.g. RNAseq & microbiome analyses).

Our lab is generously funded by DBT-Wellcome Trust, SERB & Ashoka University

Below, I am enlisting a few potential projects, but I am happy to discuss new ideas as well in the related areas

(a) Climate warming & the ability to evolve an effective immunity against future infections

“Investigating whether, or to what, extent organisms are equipped to handle the increased rate of infection and disease in hotter climatic conditions with limited availability to food and nutrition

(b) Ageing, progressive decline of immunity and aggravated disease conditions

“Identifying the ultimate evolutionary drivers that trigger the deterioration of immunity in older individuals and cause age-related morbidity

(c) Immune strategies against multiple pathogens with divergent modes of infection

“Tracking the partitioning of functional immune system under more natural conditions where hosts are often challenged simultaneously by multiple infections”

To apply to the biology Ph.D. program the applicants should complete an online application form.

There is NO application fee.  

Interested students can write to me for more details about the ongoing projects


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