Manasven gets into the Erasmus Mundus Masters Program in Evolutionary Biology

Super excited & cannot be happier to share the news that Manasven Raina from ‘Evolutionary Immunology lab’ just received an offer from the prestigious Erasmus Mundus Masters Program in Evolutionary Biology (MEME) with full scholarship. He is among the first few students who joined Ashoka Biology and our lab in 2018. Teaming with Basabi and Srijan, Manasven over the years went on to do some very cool studies on beetle dispersal and pathogen avoidance. He has also been a coauthor in the very first paper that we submitted from the lab.

Congratulations to Basabi as well for mentoring him during his internship in the lab..

Way to go Manasven!!!!

Manasven Raina, UG Research Intern, Batch 2020, Research Interest: Interested in all manners of things related to ecology and evolution. Mainly, I have worked on a project assessing fitness impacts of con-specific feeding in a model system, with some dabbling into chemical ecology as well. On the side, I have worked on dispersal in the Tribolium castaneum species.

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