Faculty position in Biology

Ashoka University has recently launched its Natural Sciences program including Physics and Biology, in the current academic year 2017-2018. We aim to teach biology as a continuum of physics and chemistry to appreciate it as an interdisciplinary science. Our biology curriculum is based on key concepts that capture both unity and diversity of living systems.

All faculty at Ashoka are expected to teach as well as pursue high-quality research. State-of-the-art research facilities and generous seed money would be made available for all faculty. Research positions at Ashoka with faculty will be fully funded – either internally or through external fellowship schemes. In the coming years, we aim to recruit additional faculty to strengthen our research in both core (e.g. ecology and evolution, genetics, cell biology and biochemistry) and multidisciplinary (e.g. immunology, biophysics, computational and mathematical biology) research areas of biology. Ashoka University strongly encourages applications from women and members of other groups under-represented in academia.

Applicants should submit: 1) a letter of interest; 2) a curriculum vitae; 3) a teaching statement (max. 2 pages); 4) a brief description of research accomplishments and research proposal describing your plans for future research over a 5-year period (max. 5 pages); 6) names of 3-5 referees who can be contacted for letters of recommendation.

All materials should be submitted through: https://ashoka.edu.in/facultypositions. There is no deadline. The applications will be scrutinised and evaluated periodically for their merit. For any queries or further information, please contact: Kaveri Rajaraman <bittu@ashoka.edu.in>, Imroze Khan <imroze.khan@ashoka.edu.in></imroze.khan@ashoka.edu.in></bittu@ashoka.edu.in>

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